Australia's Musical Medic

Author: Yamuna Turco

Posted September 25th, 2020

       Gordi is an Australian musician, and also a practising medical doctor. When COVID began she replaced her Microphone with gloves and got back into the healthcare field. Since beginning working in hospitals again, she has been a strong advocate of wearing masks as a preventative measure against possible infection. Many musicians in the country are speaking against wearing masks. The mandate for mask-wearing even features in her latest music video. The song “Extraordinary Life” was filmed in Bangkok this past March, but it still features Gordi wearing a mask throughout different parts of the song.  The singer said, "It kind of marries all my favourite things about music; organic elements with some distortion and electronic elements," when referring to the song and the music video that accompanies it. She emphasizes, especially on social media, that wearing a face cover and/or mask is something we should do out of respect for each other as human beings; even if we are not sick we might be able to transit droplets to those who could be vulnerable. Gordi really got back into medicine after returning home to Sydney as COVID began to pick up. She is now focused entirely on volunteering and working with medical services in the more densely populated areas that could face a massive spike in cases if not properly assisted or if understaffed. 

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