Author: Anthony Agnelli

Posted October 7th, 2020

Meet Your Student Government

    As The Winchendon School progresses into Green Phase, a group of students has been busy working to improve our school. Student Government, a group of students elected by the student body, serves as the bridge between the students and the school administration. These officers organize many school events, including Real Talks, fundraisers, Spirit Week (coming soon), Prom, and much more! 


    Your Student Government Representatives make sure that your voice is heard while decisions that affect the student body are being made. Working closely with The Winchendon School administration, Student Government does everything it can to make your school experience the best it can be. 


    If you are not familiar with your representatives:

 Our two Student Body Co-Presidents are Lauren Donovan and Ephraim Boamah. Their job is to oversee the

activities of Student Government and are the main liaison between students and faculty.

 Our Student Body Vice President is, myself, Anthony Agnelli. My job is to assist the Co-Presidents in their duties and help them manage the organization.

 Our Treasurer is Iman Kiio. Her job is to manage the financial aspect of Student Government. She is the head of fundraising and budget management.


    Not only does Student Government consist of these officers, but also elected officials representing each individual class, as well as the day student population on campus. Their jobs are to serve the particular interests of their class and to act in the best interest of their constituents.


The Senior Class (2021)’s representatives are Parmida Salimi and Nikolas Ospaly.

The Junior Class (2022)’s representatives are Mostafa El-Bendary and Olivia (Biv) Benoit.

The Sophomore Class (2023)’s representatives are Samantha West and Julia Brennan.

The newly elected Freshman Class (2024)’s representatives are Sean McCarthy and Sophia Washington.

Finally, the Day Student Representatives are Wesley Donahue and Sam Torosian. 


    For the past six weeks, Student Government has been assisting the administration in beginning the school year, planning our first Real Talk of the year, holding class meetings, and more recently, planning our main event of the fall: Spirit Week. For those new to The Winchendon School, Spirit Week takes place the week of Halloween and is packed with fun activities all week long. Each day has a theme, and Student Government challenges you to wear attire that corresponds with the theme for the day. In addition, on Halloween you would get to show off your awesome Halloween costume all day long! Because Halloween is on a Saturday this year, you will be able to wear your costume the preceding Friday. But do not worry! There will be much more than wearing costumes to do on Halloween Night (more information to be revealed later!). Student Government is excited and proud to put this event on for our community and to continue to serve you this year. It should be a great year even despite the unusual circumstances. If you have any concerns, ideas, or suggestions please approach your representatives and let them know what you think! This is such an important part of the Student Government process! They are more than willing to answer any questions you have and make sure your interests are represented.