Cake Boss Impaled in Bowling Alley

Author: Jonathan Roman

Posted September 25th, 2020

    Last Sunday Cake Boss star, Buddy Valastro, suffered a serious accident. While trying to fix the pinsetter at his bowling alley, the setter malfunctioned and impaled his right hand. The blunt end of a “fork-like” piece of the machine went up through his palm. Although he was impaled, Buddy’s sons, as well as his brother, were able to get him out of the machine. After being freed successfully, he was rushed to the hospital. While there, he received two surgeries to work on preventing further damage and to set and reconstruct the hand. On Monday Buddy went on  Today for an interview in response to all the well wishes from social media. “...has made me feel so special,” Valastro said, “It makes me want to fight to get better for them. It makes me want to be the man that I was.” After the incident, Buddy has thanked the first responders for all of their help in how fast they were able to arrive and help prevent any more pain on the way to the hospital. Recently a post-surgery photo of himself captioned “What do you think of my new accessory?” was posted to his Instagram in an effort to light of the situation. As of Monday, Buddy has been home with his two sons, and is on the way to recovery and hopes to be back to baking again soon. 

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