Thailand Protests

Author: Jonathan Roman

Posted October 18th, 2020

       In Thailand, protests have significantly erupted all over the city and country, calling for the king to have more limited powers as well as the Prime Ministers' resignation. Many protesters are first-time voters and have been in support of the increasing pro-democracy movements. Initially, in parliament, the future-forward party had about a third of all seats. However, in February, the pro-democracy party Future Forward Party was forced to dissolve under the court mandate. Later in June, activist Wanchalearm Satsaksit went missing in Cambodia. With his unknown whereabouts, many protesters blame the Thai government for the kidnapping and murder of Sataskit. In light of the recent protests over the weekend, an emergency decree was sent out all over the country on Thursday. Over the weekend, Bangkok saw a record number of protests and protesters; many calling for the installment of freedom of speech as well as more reforms. The protesters even blocked the royal motorcade, where police had to disperse the crowds. Due to that incident, the Thai government established an emergency decree. The decree banned large gatherings of people and also censored media. State government TV cited a need to maintain peace and order and prevent misinformation. Directly after the order was given, riot police disperse protesters away from the Prime Minister's office. However, even after the decree has been given protesters all over the country are protesting for reform of the government. With many of the protest leaders either jailed or arrested and a ban on public gatherings, it is hard for this movement to keep up its momentum. However, there is an almost unilateral agreement through Thailand that reform in their government must be made and there will likely be more protests to come.

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