Furry Friend or Fatal Foe

Author: Teagan Harbour 

Posted October 20th, 2020

            Surprising, furry caterpillars have been roaming Virginia with their venomous puss inside them. Officials from Virginia have been warning citizens about being alert and keeping a distance from them. The caterpillars, or the puss caterpillars, are the most venomous in the United States. Along with the venom, the caterpillars shoot spikes into your skin that cause daunting pain. If major contact isn't made, by just brushing up to the animal you may experience a fever, rash, or vomiting. “The sting produces an immediate intense burning pain followed the appearance of a red grid-like pattern on the skin that matches the pattern of the venomous spines on the caterpillar,” says the University of Florida's zoology department.













         These creatures are mainly found in the southern areas of Virginia and many cases have appeared. In 2019, an 83-pound dog possessed flaming red-eye after rolling around on top of the animal. On the other hand, a 2,100 dollar reward has been out up to anyone who can find a missing lemur. Maki, a lemur in California was discovered missing on October 14th. There is a rumor that the endangered animal was stolen from its habitat, yet no evidence has come up beside the enclosure being locked so no animal can escape. The reward put up from the San Francisco zoo has offered 100 dollars for every year he has lived, making him 21 years old, says the zoos Twitter page. Sadly, the lemur requires special medical care and needs attention. “As one of our oldest lemurs, Maki requires a specialized diet. Out of the 19 lemurs here, at 21.5 years, he has exceeded the median life expectancy of 16.7 years but is also one of the slowest, and we believe, likely the easiest to catch,” said Dr. Jason of the San Francisco zoo society. To compare, in 2017 a study was done showing only 2,400 lemurs are estimated to be left in the wild. Now in 2020, the population may have decreased dramatically. 

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