Return of MLB Stars 

Author: Julia Brennan

Posted November 11th, 2020

       Though the length of this year’s MLB season was cut woefully short in regards to the restrictions implemented in response to COVID-19, there were still plenty of remarkable displays of perseverance, incredible plays with the utmost athletic prowess, and of course, shocking scandal. In early November of 2019, a report was released by writers of The Athletic, Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich, accusing the Houston Astros, who had won the 2017 MLB World Series, of cheating throughout the season by means of sign-stealing. Two months later, Rosenthal and Drellich released a similar report, this time in regards to the 2018 Red Sox, claiming that it was their engagement in this same activity throughout their season that led them to a World Series victory. In January of 2020, the allegations against the Houston Astros were proved to be true after a careful investigation conducted by the MLB. This news was nothing short of astounding to both the fans and those involved within the league and had great repercussions for the now disreputable Houston Astros. Former manager A.J. Hinch and bench coach Alex Cora were both suspended from the league for the 2019-2020 season. Hinch was subsequently fired from the Astros and, following the allegations, Cora stepped down from his position in the Red Sox organization. In the wake of the coronavirus, in April, the MLB deemed the allegations against the 2018 Red Sox team to be false, which left former coach Alex Cora unscathed in regards to any further punishments. As the 2019-2020 season came to a close, the looming absence of these two figures lingered, leaving everyone to question… would they return?

        The answer to everyone’s question, evidently, is a resounding yes. Despite the disgrace that befell both of these prominent MLB figures, they have served their penance, and look to make a comeback in the upcoming 2020-2021 MLB. Hinch, almost immediately following the conclusion of the World Series, (and his suspension), was hired by the Detroit Tigers. He will assume the position of their manager for the next season. The pattern has continued with Alex Cora. On November 6th, 2020, Alex Cora was rehired to the staff of the Boston Red Sox as their respective manager. This recent turn of events has created much turmoil in the baseball world, the decision creating quite a rift between franchises and fans alike. Some are furious, as they feel that manner in which both men were welcomed with open arms by the league is nothing short of ludicrous considering their history. They feel that their punishment was not nearly sufficient and that their actions are too important to be so quickly reconciled. Others, however, are overjoyed to see the return of both coaches to the league and anticipate nothing but success from them in the upcoming season. Only time will tell how their returns will impact their clubs and the rest of the league.