Human Trafficking

Author: Teagan Harbour 

Posted October 18th, 2020

    Human trafficking is an illegal activity where an individual captures people for some type of labor work, and this is sadly happening all over the world today. According to statistics, over 50,000 people are trafficked into the United States each year. With this vast number, research shows that cities attract traffickers which makes capital cities in the United States the most common capture points. Capitals like Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston, and Sacramento. Additionally, 71% of these poor victims are women and children. On the bright side, organizations are taking active steps to become more aware of these situations. The NATA or the National Air Transportation Association has made flight attendance more aware of their surroundings and how to scope out a trafficker. An act was passed in 2018 called the Reauthorization Act which hires specific people to guard gates and talk with passengers to see potential victims. This new way of teaching flight attendants made over 100,000 people more educated on the sensitive topic. 


    One vital organization is fighting to limit and potentially end trafficking worldwide is called Stop The Traffik. This fairly new thing was founded in 2006 and intends to bring survivors together to leave no one silenced. Originally, this was a short campaign that teamed up with another act that lasted for two years. Later, this prospered and grew into a worldwide encouragement organization. Specifically, the organization uses social media to inform the word and communicate with lucky survivors globally. These people value media because they communicate with their partners who set up campaigns within a community. Some of their partnerships include local officials, churches, and banks. Additionally, another outstanding non-profit is called Goodeave. This campaigns the issue that kids are being trafficked for illegal child labor. This organization specifically raises awareness for the children who are a part of the rug industry. Surprisingly, over one million children are making rugs and being sold in the United States. 

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