My Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Angsty Teens

Author: Abbie Giles

Posted December 9th, 2020

Although Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays and seasons, it can get horribly stressful. Like rip your hair out and drive particularly fast on the way home from the mall where you just spent literally every last cent you had on Christmas gifts for people who probably won’t even like them. Not speaking from personal experience or anything… but if you’re looking for help, look no further. After scouring the depths of the internet for gift ideas, I decided, alas, on my favorite, most practical Christmas gifts that I found in lists online. Here are my  top 10 gifts for anyone you know that wallows in their teen angst: 


5. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

I know, I know this is kind of basic but I’m going for practical on this list. I got a waterproof Bluetooth speaker a while ago and trust me when I tell you I’ve used it countless times on a ton of different occasions. Great for being vibey and angsty while you sit in your shower with the lights off. I’m fine, I swear...



4. A Monthly Subscription Box 

This seems like something your mom would want but I get a few different subscription boxes and I love them. You can get all different types like skincare/beauty (my personal favorite), candy, food, and even “hot sauce of the month subscriptions.”  As a person that gets an embarrassing amount of these, please just get one, they’re so fun to get in the mail and open. 



3. “We’re Not Really Strangers” Cardgame

I’ve seen this game all over social media and it seems really fun. It would definitely be something that you could play with friends at a socially distanced gathering. Naturally, I’m not completely sure how the game is played but I think it seems fun so your gift receiver might think so too. 



2. Blue Light Glasses

This is such a great and timely gift. Not only are us angsty teens on our various forms of technology during our free time, but now most of us are doing school virtually. This my friends, exposes you to a great deal of the infamous blue light that we are told we should avoid. What is the cure for this you may ask? A pair of really cute blue light glasses to make you feel sophisticated and save you the headache. I could really use some right now.



1. A Gift Card to Their Favorite Store

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the most personal gift. In my opinion, doing this is a little bit more personal than just gifting them cash because it shows that you at least cared enough to find out what their favorite store is. But seriously, if you want to please the youths, please just give them a gift card to a store. We will like the gift MUCH more if we get EXACTLY what we want, and it’ll even remind us of you and how thoughtfully thoughtless your gift was. 

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