Back To Yellow!

Author: Lauren Donovan  

Posted: October 28th, 2020

             Over the course of the few months we’ve been at school, we’ve continued to transition between safety stages from orange to green; however, like the world, we must adapt to changes both good and bad. As of recently, on October 14th, an update was sent out to The Winchendon School community regarding an important change in the safety protocols. As best said by Ms. Lambert, “Due to the deteriorating conditions in the state of MA and other states, we have to return to the yellow risk level for specific travel purposes, which means that, at least until the trends turn positive, students will no longer be able to play club sports or go to tournaments, even in safe states, and return to campus right away.” From this point on, until future changes, those who do participate in such activities must partake in virtual learning for five to seven days until a negative Covid test is received. This change has been made mainly due to the rising cases in Massachusetts as well as New Hampshire. Despite some confusion, our school campus remains in green level with the exception of sports, clubs, and other activities outside of school; therefore, there are no other new changes to the school’s protocol. While these changes have hindered students’ participation in outside activities they enjoy and those who continue to go to these outside activities will be placed into virtual learning, it is for the safety of the whole community, students, and faculty alike. Although this is one protocol guideline that is hard to change, Ms. Jordan said that the best practices that we can perform to better our environment include, “following our mask policies, maintaining the appropriate distance, and washing your hands/using sanitizer are going to be key for us to maintain the current levels we have for our campus. While the faculty and administration understand this is difficult for all, including the adults, we believe if these steps will keep us as safe as possible!” And with that, please do your best to stay safe and keep others safe, also, remember that each small action can have the greatest impact!