Visitors to Campus and More to Come!

Author: Lauren Donovan  

Posted: October 6th, 2020

     Over the course of last weekend, we had some very special guests visit The Winchendon School through Zoom calling as well. The school also had guest and parents visiting campus and faculty through Zoom call! Last Friday, the Board of Trustees called Mrs. Lambert, the Head of The Winchendon School Campus, Mr. Kerney, the Executive Director of The Winchendon School, and Mr. Duncan, Head of the Brooklyn Winchendon School Campus to talk with them. In addition, a selection of students from both campuses were involved to give their perspective on the school dynamic and how students are transitioning back onto campus. After reflecting on these Zoom meetings and what was discussed, Mr. Kerney stated, “ is very helpful for them to hear your take on things - especially at these times when some things feel pretty different.” 


    With the adjustments in school life due to the coronavirus and the pandemic, change is constant. However, the latest campus changes are for the better. Due to the different safety levels, we have recently moved into the Green Zone with some slight modifications such as not immediately going into dress code. While changes are always for the better, the same applies for the parent-teacher conferences taking place Wednesday afternoon as well as all throughout the day on Thursday. Usually, the weekends would be dedicated to in-person meetings, using Zoom has enabled an alternative way of communicating safely for both parents and faculty alike. These events have and will continue to make The Winchendon School a better place in regards to academics, safety, and student dynamic.