Show Recs to Close 2020

Author: Isabel Wade 

Posted October 7th, 2020

If you’re like me and stuck at campus for the next two weeks and have nothing to do but sit in your room all day, here are some TV show recommendations to help curb your boredom (these can all be found on Netflix)!


The Queen's Gambit:

    The Queen’s Gambit stars Anya Taylor Joy as Beth Harmon, an orphan girl in the 1950s who channelled her emotions and life into the game of chess from a young child. As the story progresses, she meets different competitors, such as Benny Watts, played by Thomas Brodie Sangster, who help her along the way to hopefully become the world’s greatest chess player. This series is comprised of seven episodes that range from forty minutes to an hour. I really enjoyed this mini-series because of how well the characters were developed and their relationships with one another.










Julie and the Phantoms:

    Julie and the Phantoms focuses on Julie Molina, played by Madison Reyes, a girl in high school who has a gift for music closely connected to her late mother. Twenty-five years ago, four boys formed a band called “Sunset Curve,” and they were to perform at a famous set when three of them, Luke, Reggie, and Alex, died. In the future, Julie is able to see the three of them as ghosts and they form a band where they help Julie learn to love music again. This series is nine episodes long, each about a half-hour. I was skeptical of this show at first, but the acting and singing are both so amazing that I was hooked after the first episode. I urge everyone to give it a shot, even if they think it would be something they wouldn’t watch because it truly surprised me! 



















Dash & Lily:

    Dash & Lily stars Midori Francis as Lily, a sixteen-year-old girl who adores Christmas but her family is travelling to Fiji so it is just her and her older brother at home for the holidays. Dash, played by Austin Abrams, is a young man in high school who hates Christmas. One day in the bookstore he finds a red notebook with a list of dares by a mystery girl who is looking for someone to spend Christmas with. They communicate through the notebook and use the dares to get to know one another and hopefully meet. These eight-episode series are thirty minutes long each and are sure to bring anyone into the holiday spirit. I enjoyed this lighthearted and fun series, and it was great to see a representation of an Asian American on screen! This show brought me into the Christmas spirit and was so heartwarming, with a great balance between both comical and serious. 



Please let me know if you watch any of these shows, or have watched them, as I would love to talk about them to anyone that has! 

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