Coronavirus, Gen Z, and Service Jobs

Author: Abbie Giles

Posted September 25th, 2020

     By now, hopefully everybody knows how Coronavirus is transmitted and how to prevent its spread. But it isn’t always just as simple as wearing a mask and maintaining six feet of distance at all times. Many Millenials and Gen Z aged people are being directly affected by the pandemic because of their place of work.

     Now, you may be thinking about how young people are generally less likely to die due to complications brought on by the virus, and how studies show that up to 80% of people that fall into these age groups are asymptomatic, meaning that even though they may be infected with Covid-19, they aren’t outwardly showing symptoms. However, neither of these facts mean that young people are less likely to be infected or spread coronavirus. 

     With the prevalence of service jobs amongst Millenials and Gen Z, the risk of these generations being infected with Coronavirus becomes much higher. These service jobs include everything from retail jobs, food service, general hospitality jobs, and even childcare. One of these workers could catch the virus and not feel it’s affects themselves, but they could then theoretically go and spread it to everyone else that they work with. This, being a service job, could be a large, rotating cast of characters. They could then go transmit the virus to others. 

     The answer to this problem is to just stay home, right? Yes, but this isn’t an option for everyone. Many people in these younger generations are using these jobs to pay their bills through college or pay off their college loans. For these people, staying home could mean not paying rent. Although employers are doing as much as they can to keep their employees safe, as we know, people don’t follow the rules and expectations that are in place to keep them safe from Covid.

    Personally, I have some experience with working a service job during the pandemic. Over the summer, I worked at a Dunkin’ in Rindge, New Hampshire. Although there aren’t many cases in this area, we still took all the precautions we could to keep both us and our customers safe. We wore masks at all times during our shifts and required masks for all of the customers entering the lobby. People are not yet allowed to sit and eat or drink in the lobby. Although these precautions are inconvenient, we need to keep up with this ever changing pandemic.

It has been hard for everyone to keep up with the social distancing rules and recommendations while working, but we’re all doing our best and trying to keep everyone safe.

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