American History Education: Whitewashing, Cherry-Picking, Racial Taboos, and Other Injustices against People of Color

Racial inequality has been at the forefront of discussion in America for the past year. But the question remains: how are racial stereotypes, misconceptions, and false history instilled in American youth? This editorial takes a deep dive into how current American history curriculum in primary and secondary schools has contributed to the conveyance of skewed history and how it can be amended to be more inclusive and equitable.

Racers, Start Your Engines: The Cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race is All Revved Up

Since its humble beginnings in 2009, RuPaul’s Drag Race has upped its cash prize by a whopping $75K, won 19 Primetime Emmys, and hired better editors to get rid of the washed-out Season 1 camera quality. More impactful than that, however, is that the show originally intended to be a satire of competitive reality TV such as Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model has changed the channel of the genre’s culture. This has never been more clear in the show’s ongoing 13th season, which features the most diverse, eclectic, and flamboyant set of drag queens to ever grace the small screen. Learn more about this season’s lucky 13, their accomplishments, and the history they’re making.

Siege of the Capitol

Anxiously, a nation on edge awaited a needed transformation to escape from the harsh realities of the past. A week before the inauguration of President Biden, Capitol Hill was attacked. The siege tested the fragility of democracy, but it failed.

Stop the Music

A swarm of controversy has descended upon the debut film from singer-songwriter Sia, Music, sucking the film’s chance at the box office out of its lifeblood. Much of it surrounds the casting of the titular character - a young woman with nonverbal autism - with an actress who doesn’t share that diagnosis. While, on the surface, this decision doesn’t appear to be harmful, the ramifications that it will wreak on the community that it directly affects are devastating. This editorial, written from the perspective of an autistic individual, will examine these ramifications further.

Should No Dress Code be the New Dress Code?

Some of the insanely fashionable outfits that I have seen around campus would never have been displayed if not for the creative freedom we have without the normal dress code. Wearing jeans, graphic tees, and our favorite sneakers allow us to boast our unique style.

When Justice is Broken​

The death of Emmet Till, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are all the result of a justice system established in favor of White people over people of color.
The soul of America is broken.


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