The TikTok Time Vault

When lockdown began last March, many of us were looking for something to keep us occupied during quarantine. TikTok was the ideal choice. The trends and videos on the platform at that time were fun, carefree, and encouraged trying new things while stuck inside. So today we are going to take a look at all the “nostalgic” TikTok content from last spring to boost your serotonin.

All the Podcasts You’ll Need to Get Through Online Classes

You heard about it in my last article. You got excited. Now, here it is: my podcast recommendations. Podcasts are the way that I’ve gotten through this year. For real, there’s something about listening to people talk about something that just grabs your attention and doesn’t let you think too much about your thoughts, feelings, life, etc. Who wants to think about that?

What To Do When the Senioritis Sets In

As we edge closer and closer to spring break, we seniors can’t help but daydream of graduation day. But, alas, there are still a couple months of classes left to endure before the day arrives. Most of you seniors out there have probably been feeling the overwhelming nonchalance known as “senioritis”. As much as you don’t want to do your homework, it’s going to keep coming anyway. So, here are some surefire ways to persevere through your last weeks of class.

The Mid-Winter Slump: How to Deal and What to Do

Ah yes, we’ve arrived upon that time again. That horrible, horrible, time. The time between Valentine’s Day and… Spring? March break? Just until whenever it gets warm. But for real, this time of year can get ULTRA depressing and sometimes you need some help getting through it. I happen to be very good at entertaining myself, so keep reading to hear some of the things I do to keep myself from having to be alone with my thoughts.

What They Actually Want for Valentine's Day

You can do better than mediocre chocolates in a heart-shaped box; I got your back.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Slackers

So you’ve waited a bit too long to buy your special someone a gift for Valentine’s day. It’s a simple mistake that we’ve all made one time or another. I can help you, show you the way. What do you do? You buy one of the items on this list, that’s what you do. And I beg you, please don’t attempt and craft your way out of this pickle.

What They Actually Want for Valentines Day

You can do better than mediocre chocolates in a heart shaped box. I got your back.

Although I do appreciate chocolate on most days of the year, Valentine's day is a whole other story. If you feel close enough to me to give me a Valentine’s day gift, it better be personalized and special. Even intimate, if you will. Ew. But for real, if your goal is to make someone feel special, chocolates aren’t always the way to go. If you need some guidance, keep on reading.

A Mutt-See

Sick of watching the same shows on Netflix over and over again? Are you looking for a live program with sports, action, and adorable players? No, I’m not talking about the Superbowl this weekend featuring Tom Brady and the Buccaneers against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Enter, Puppy Bowl XVII, featuring countless lovable pups looking for a forever home!

Songs to Cry To, Songs to Scream To

We all have the occasional ~moment~, so why not embrace it and listen to absolute bangers that happen to be just a ‘little’ sad.

Bernie's Mittens Break the Internet

At the historic inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the attendees’ fashion game was on point. However, one certain Senator from Vermont got everyone talking and eventually developed into a viral meme sensation. Senator Bernie Sanders sitting on a folding chair sporting some (quite toasty-looking) wool mittens has been edited into various images and has made for some of the best memes of 2021.

Spotify Recs for the New Year!

With in-person classes back in full swing, you might be looking for something new to listen to while on-the-go or working on homework during study hall. Don’t worry; Wapiti Weekly has you covered with some recommendations for what to listen to on Spotify.

You Probably Won’t Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

Have you really been going to the gym every day? Probably not. Everyone sets these arbitrary goals for themselves to achieve through the new year, and no one talks about failing to achieve them. It is important to understand what makes a goal achievable, and I have compiled a little list of them here. So let’s all relish in our acceptance of fate and laugh at those who are too naive to realize theirs.


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