All the Podcasts You’ll Need to Get Through Online Classes

Abbie Giles

February 24, 2021

You heard about it in my last article. You got excited. Now, here it is: my podcast recommendations. Podcasts are the way that I’ve gotten through this year. For real, there’s something about listening to people talk about something that just grabs your attention and doesn’t let you think too much about your thoughts, feelings, life, etc. Who wants to think about that?

These aren’t in any particular order, just the order at which they come to mind. So maybe take that into consideration if you’re feelin’ it.

“The Daily”
I was going to say that this podcast makes me feel like an adult, but then I realized that I’ll be an adult in like a year. So I guess start listening to this to feel informed? I don’t know, I just really enjoy it. My favorite person ever, Mr. Michael Babaro, takes you through a deep dive on topical news while also updating you on current events. Last Thursday, the episode was about the sort of aftermath of the Rwandan genocide. This was brought up mainly because of the arrest and imminent trial of Paul Rusesabegina (of “Hotel Rwanda” fame. Yeah I’m looking at you, GD II). This was particularly interesting to me because we had learned about it in class. I sound a bit nerdy, but I enjoy it.

“You’re Wrong About”
This podcast is one of the podcasts that got me into podcasts. How many more times can I say podcast. Probably a ton. Anyway, the hosts guide you through a debunking style breakdown of past events that you were… well, wrong about. They talk a lot about media events that took place in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, which can aid in making you appear “cultured” when talking to older folk. They have a really good series on the whole OJ Simpson situation. I say situation because they cover the trial (of course) as well as literally all other facets of the situation. It was a real fun listen and now I hate football and the 90s.

“Morbid: A True Crime Podcast”
They say it best in their podcast description: “It’s a lighthearted nightmare here”. If you like true crime, this is for you. I listen to a plethora of podcasts in this genre and this is one of my faves. Hah, I would say that I listen to enough true crime podcasts that I could get away with murder, but I have been denied a lawyer by the adminastration. So, so sad. Anyway, they’re really fun. They’re also based out of the Boston area so they do a ton of cases from around here. I should warn you, although they say that they are lighthearted, I would caution those with weak stomachs (especially from their most recent episode about serial killer Willie Pickton. Like I usually do well with gross descriptions, but I had a hard time with this one).

If these podcasts aren’t really your jam, I don’t really care, as always. I will question your taste, though.