The Mid-Winter Slump: How to Deal and What to Do

Abbie Giles

February 16, 2021

Ah yes, we’ve arrived upon that time again. That horrible, horrible, time. The time between Valentine’s Day and… Spring? March break? Just until whenever it gets warm. But for real, this time of year can get ULTRA depressing and sometimes you need some help getting through it. I happen to be very good at entertaining myself, so keep reading to hear some of the things I do to keep myself from having to be alone with my thoughts.

1) Listen to a podcast about something you love
I became an avid podcast listener about a year and a half ago and I have never been more entertained. Seriously, there are podcasts about everything. And when I say everything, I really mean everything. From politics to true crime (I’d argue that those topics often overlap) you’ll have content to listen to for hours. If you need a place to start, keep your eyes peeled (gross) for an article about that very topic coming soon.

2) Meditate
This sounds dumb but hear me out. I use “Headspace”, a guided meditation app, and I’ve never looked back. Like it’s weird to think about the cure to boredom literally being sitting and listening to your own breath, but it’s so soothing that you’ll end up valuing the time you have with yourself so much more than you would the time in which you’d be doing some menial task. I spend an embarrassing amount on my Headspace subscription, but I swear it’s worth it. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

3) Plan a post-covid trip
This one is pretty self explanatory, but I suggest really going hard with this one. Go for your dream vacation, mine is currently Amsterdam, and find your dream hotel. Then go through and literally plan your trip. Think of everything; restaurants, attractions, museums (if you’re like me). Go crazy. Make the world your oyster during these pseudo-quarantine times.

4) TikTok
Nothing new, but it’s a good staple.

5) Make a vision board
This has become one of my favorite things. I spent like 3 hours the other night avoiding writing this very article by creating a college vision board. If you need any direction, here’s my process:
Consult Pinterest- I am deeply obsessed with pinterest. You can find anything to fit your very specific vibe.
Steal the images and put ‘em into Canva- Canva= my one true love.
Download, and go crazy
Now the question is, what do you do with your masterpiece? If it’s a vision board, I highly suggest making it your screensaver/wallpaper so you see it everyday and ~* manifest *~ it.

Although it seems like a long painful journey to the first day of spring, and it definitely is, you’ll get through it. Eventually the brown slushy snow will dry up and we can all crawl out of our weird little hibernation holes again.