The Most Dangerous Game But it’s Not Humans, it’s Prom Dresses

Abbie Giles

April 20, 2021

So you’ve secured yourself an adequate date (based on my rules and regulations for acceptable promposals), and now it’s time to think about the real reason you’re going to prom: the dress. Thinking back to freshman Abbie trying to buy a prom dress and… woah. I needed help. I just really didn’t know where to look or how much it should be. I ended up buying a mediocre dress for way more than I should have. Thanks, Nordstrom. Anyway, I’m here to help, as I always am, and show you a few options (in different price ranges, of course) of places to buy your prom dress.

1. Pretty cheap, I could probably purchase with cash in my wallet right now (not a flex): Lucy in the Sky
I originally discovered Lucy in the Sky through instagram while looking for a formal dinner dress. As I clicked through their seemingly endless abyss of short mini dresses, I couldn’t help but wonder what they had to offer on the prom dress front. Turns out, quite a bit. I found that they have a ton of different styles mostly at a price of 100 bucks or less. A steal, right. Yep. Personally, I’m a sucker for a satin cowl neck dress. They’ve got a slew of those.

2. Still pretty cheap with more expensive options available: Lulus
I feel like Lulus is also a classic Winch formal dinner dress site. It just so happens that they have a ton of prom dresses as well. They’re prices range from around 80 bucks to around 150 or so. They have a truly endless supply of long dresses in any style you could imagine. In addition, whenever I’m scrolling through Lulus, I find their product names to be some of the funniest things if I’m in the right mood. Who said “Oh yeah, let’s name this dress ‘Meteoric Rise’”. I’m not sure if they should get a promotion or thrown to the curb.

3. You can find some pretty expensive stuff over yonder: PromGirl
Despite them never remembering my login information, PromGirl is one of my favorite sites for eyeing both dream and realistically priced prom dresses. Out of all three of these sites, I would be floored if this one didn’t have the largest inventory. Here, You can find dresses from 100 to upwards of 600 dollars. Can you guess which end is the dream end of the price spectrum? I’m sure you can. There’s one specific dress on this site in a light pink with a tying back and a floral lace bodice that I have screenshots of from around 2 years ago. I cannot seem to find it so I beg that if you find a dress that fits this description, email me at I would give you my cell, but I won’t make that mistake. At the moment, there isn’t a cash reward, but I’ll think about it.

As you set off on your prom dress journey, remember the one cardinal rule: just because it’s Sherri Hill doesn’t mean it’s cute.