The TikTok Time Vault

Anthony Agnelli

February 25, 2021

When lockdown began last March, many of us were looking for something to keep us occupied during quarantine. TikTok was the ideal choice. The trends and videos on the platform at that time were fun, carefree, and encouraged trying new things while stuck inside. So today we are going to take a look at all the “nostalgic” TikTok content from last spring to boost your serotonin.

If you are like me, one of your quarantine pastimes was joining the quick video app, TikTok. During the first few months of lockdown, the TikTok trends were on point. Fun, engaging, stuff you could do at home. Some of us (*coughs* me *clears throat*) really miss the carefree days of March of 2020 when we were still going around saying “Hey! Extra long spring break!”. Oh, how optimistic we were… But here are some of my favorite trends from TikTok during the early days of quarantine.

Whipped Coffee:
Recipes for “whipped coffee” were all the rage at the beginning of quarantine. A quite simple recipe, you mix instant coffee with a tiny bit of hot water and some sugar until it’s a frothy, thick cream. Mixed into a glass with milk and ice, it comes out to a decadent looking drink. I have never had this one myself butI have heard mixed reviews. Some people say it's absolutely life changing and some say it's not worth the hype. Regardless, this trend was one of my favorite quarantine TikTok favorites and it was just so satisfying to watch, no matter how it tastes. I’ll have to try it though and see for myself (as should you).

Cloud Bread:
This. This bread. This bread WAS my For You page at the beginning of quarantine. This recipe consists of sugar, corn starch, and water mixed until it becomes a meringue-like batter that you can shape into any shape and make any color you want before popping it in the oven. When it comes out it makes a light, airy, almost cake-like bread. Again, I’ve never tried this before but I am determined to make this at some point before I die. It just looks too good. It will be a nice nostalgic throwback to the crazy time that was March of 2020.

Home Workouts:
When people couldn’t go to the gym anymore, they had to improvise. So TikTok was flooded with quick exercise tutorials that could be done at home with stuff you could find around the house. I would always save these videos, but never ended up doing most of them. The ones I did were really fun though (I also went for lots of runs during quarantine… I miss the warm weather; please come back soon). It was nice to see so many people motivated to work out and enthusiastic to make the most of quarantine.

Fire Music:
You can say what you want about TikTok songs. Not all of them are amazing, but the ones from 2020 spring absolutely SLAPPED. Supalonely by BENEE and Blinding Lights by The Weeknd were my spring and summer bops and were consistenly on repeat. Of course, we can’t forget the iconic dance for Savage by Megan Thee Stallion. Honorable mention to the Tiger King remix of Savage that will FOREVER be stuck in my head. I also thoroughly appreciate that I could go up to literally anyone and say “Carole Baskin…” and we both would finish singing the song. Like literally anyone. I’ve sung this song with FACULTY (yes, they know what TikTok is and actually use it). Anyways, the months at the start of lockdown gave us some absolute bangers that I will treasure forever.