What They Actually Want for Valentines Day

Abbie Giles

February 4, 2021

You can do better than mediocre chocolates in a heart shaped box. I got your back.

Although I do appreciate chocolate on most days of the year, Valentine's day is a whole other story. If you feel close enough to me to give me a Valentine’s day gift, it better be personalized and special. Even intimate, if you will. Ew. But for real, if your goal is to make someone feel special, chocolates aren’t always the way to go. If you need some guidance, keep on reading.

1) Crystal Heart Box
Getting this is like getting a box of chocolates… but so much better. Like honestly unless they’re for some reason against crystals, maybe a staunch religious type, this is such a good gift. They’re just so pretty, plus you get that reaction when they open the box. It’s not a measly box of chocolates with that chalky strawberry filling (the chocolate filling will always be the best), it's a box of shiny little stones that you can place around your bedroom to make you feel like an eclectic little witch, AKA what I aspire to be.

2) Jewelry
ALERT!!! Do not buy your partner a promise ring. Just don’t do it. I highly suggest searching for cute little necklaces and things like that on etsy. A necklace with a dainty little heart on it or something will do. If you’re really feelin’ the love you could reach for your wallet and buy excessively expensive jewelry from some designer that I can’t pronounce. Ah, capitalism. Either way, jewelry will surely delight the recipient.

3) Therapy
Maybe don’t gift this to anyone. But maybe do… and tell me how it goes. I think it would be funny.

4) Personal Mini Fireplace
This is kind of out of the blue, but I was scrolling through lists of Valentine’s Day gifts trying to find gifts for … um... people. I scrolled and scrolled and eventually I found this and I just thought it was the coolest thing. Like, it’s a little pot of fire. I literally couldn’t want anything more. It’s like a candle, but a little bit more intimidating. If you’re alone this February 14th, buy this for yourself. There’s a chance you could end up meeting a cute firefighter if things go awry with the fire. Speaking of fire...

Candles are my go to for any occasion, even if they live in a dorm (this is a joke, I swear). But seriously, you can’t go wrong with a good candle. I have one burning next to me I write. Vanilla Patchouli from Bath and Body Works. I highly recommend it. But if you don’t know what their favorite scent is, a good basic is always a floral scent or maybe a lavender. Everyone likes lavender. Extra points if you find a candle that comes in a cute little pot that you can reuse and grow plants in or something. Very cute, very sentimental.

Though it’s stressful, you’ll be fine. Even if they hate your gift, I doubt they’ll say it to your face. But start looking now! If you don’t, you might need to check out my article coming out next week (wink, wink).