Your Zodiacs Good and Bad Traits!

Teagan Harbour

May 7, 2021

Have you been wondering what people are talking about when they blame their mistakes on their astrological sign? This article will dive into the zodiac signs both good and bad traits.

Starting with Aries, one of the most well known signs for being angry all the time. Though this adventurous sign has good qualities, they are most known for being aggressive. The independent and leading tendencies of the sign tends to get into the way of understanding others. With this, the leader sign is filled with passion and motivation to fulfill their dreams and aspirations in the long run.

Taurus, an earth sign, has some of the most useful qualities for a person. Starting with the signs stubbornness, this can go two ways. It is best to use this attribute to your advantage and stand up for what you believe is true. With this, hardworking and dependable come to mind as positive traits for a Taurus.

Where to start with the Gemini. This sign is one of the most manipulative signs and is seen as two faced. With their symbol being the two heads of a man, this symbolizes two personalities or perspectives. On the other hand, this makes a Gemini very good at communication and easy to talk to.

A Cancer, or the most emotional sign, is the most fun loving and empathetic. The uncontrollable emotions of the sign tend to catch people off guard, and the sign is stereotyped to be annoying. Just like the Gemini, Cancers are easy to talk to and understanding, so this makes them easy to collaborate with.

The self obsessed and independent Leo is a popular fire sign that people see as arrogant. The sign's personality shines bright in front of others, and they enjoy being dominant. With this, the confidence will help in a Leo's future to be proud of the work they achieve and determined in the workplace.

The perfectionist, or the Virgo, is a practical sign who knows now to stay grounded and organized. Though this makes them calm and arranged, these people are seen as overthinkers.

On to the Libra, this is the most balanced and peaceful sign. The symbol of the astrological sign is the scale which represents balance and purity in one's life. As a fellow Libra, these people can be narcissistic and selfish. Overall, a simple life will be lived which will help with prioritizing the things that matter.

Just as the other water signs, a Scorpio is just as emotional and empathetic. Though it is hidden in secrecy, a Scorpio is hurt by others easily. With this said, the sign is very loyal and honest.

The Sagittarius sign is known to be hilarious and a people person. The sign has a willingness to get to know people and understand opinions. Furthermore, this sign tends to avoid emotions and comes off as pushy.

The realistic and self disciplined Capricorn. This sign is very practical for occupations considering their strong ambitions and admirable work ethic. Surprisingly, most serial killers are born under the Capricorn zodiac sign!

The most spontaneous and whimsical sign, or the Aquarius, is another fun loving sign and also an optimist. This sign is highly supportive and observant. Much to the disadvantage of these people, Aquarius’ tend to overthink things more than any of the other signs.

The Pisces sign is an extremely compassionate and emotional sign just like a Cancer. With this, Pisces are very trusting and nurturing around friends and family. On the other hand, they can come off to be both pessimistic and materialistic.