Game On!

Author: Julia Brennan

Posted September 25th, 2020

       In spite of the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic, in accordance with the students’ return to school, sports have recommenced! Much to the delight of the students, a variety of athletic programs, including some new additions, have been meeting each day following the end of the academic day. Athletics look a little different this fall, with all athletes required to wear masks while training and remain socially distant from their teammates when feasible. Furthermore, in-season sports are likely to forgo a typical season with scheduled games. However, they intend to practice conventionally as if they were preparing for competitions with other teams. Additionally, athletes have taken to regularly sanitizing their equipment and training in cohorts formed by coaches. As aforementioned, out-of-season sports (including ice hockey, basketball, baseball, softball, and lacrosse) have begun offering conditioning sessions and team practices to prepare the athletes for their upcoming seasons.














      This opportunity has allowed students to not only partake in multiple sports, which is not typically an option, but it has granted them extra time to prepare themselves for their winter or spring sports. The variety of sports has allowed new students to meet fellow peers in a time where socialization opportunities are few and far between. It also has the potential to strengthen the relationships between plausible teammates, specifically those who will have the chance to work together for more than one season. When asked about her experience in the fall programming, lacrosse player Julia McMahon remarked, “I feel like it's very beneficial for our lacrosse team that we’re getting an off-season in hopes that we’ll be able to make up for the loss of time that occurred in the spring season. Each practice has been full of fun and I’m really looking forward to seeing what we are capable of as we continue to improve and come together as a team!” Overall, Winchendon has found unique ways to maximize the students’ time on campus in order to help them become the best athletes they can be!