Meet The Team

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Editor in Chief 

Sarah Irenshtain 

Hi I'm Sarah, I'm from NYC this is my third year writing for Wapiti Weekly, and In middle school, I had a pet fish named Rock'sy!

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Junior Editor 

Teagan Harbour 

Teagan Harbour, a junior this year, is an astrology enthusiast who loves to make everything about herself.


Social Media Manager 

Sofia Rodriguez-Anton

Hey! I’m Sofia,  and I’m a senior from Brookline MA. You can hire me to play the harp at your wedding!

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Brinkley Blum

Brinkley Blum is a proud Winchendon senior from Riverside, CT. She suffers from chronic positivity and manic pixie dream girl syndrome.



Austin Gatlin

Hey, my name is Austin, I am a junior from Houston, Texas. I enjoy traveling, hiking, and chocolate milk.



Emma Brennan

Hi! My name is Emma! I am a freshman here at Winchendon and I come from Gardner, MA. I have a crazy dog named Lizzie.

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Editor in Chief

Abbie Giles 

Hi! I'm Abbie, I'm a senior from Jaffrey, New Hampshire. On most days, I can be found with an extra-large hot coffee from Dunkin' and my cat, Murray

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Junior Editor 

Julia Brennan 

Hi! My name’s Julia and I’m a junior from Gardner, MA! I adore playing sports, acting, and writing, and I’m known for my uncanny ability to kick field goals in every soccer game & practice.


Social Media Manager 

Zoe Tow 

Hi my name is Zoe, I'm from Brookline mass, I'm a senior, and during my freshman year here my dorm room number was 101 aka “Zoe 101”

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Isabel Wade 

My name is Isabel Wade and I'm a senior at the Winchendon School! I'm from Saugus, MA and I'm a writer for the Wapiti Weekly. If I'm not writing for the newspaper, I like to play basketball and perform in theater. One fun fact about me is that I have two dogs!



Caitlin O'Connor

Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am a junior from Foxboro, MA. A fun fact about me is that I was on Pitbull’s Instagram story after his concert.