Sarah Irenshtain

Sarah is in her third year at The Winchendon School. She is from New York and this is her second year writing for the Wapiti Weekly, and first year being a co-editor. She also plays on the volleyball team and loves cooking.  


Yamuna Turco 

Yamuna is a senior from Upstate New York and one of this year’s editors for the newspaper! In her free time, Yamuna enjoys writing, watching movies, and listening to music.


Ephraim Boamah

Ephraim is a senior at The Winchendon School from Ghana. Outside of being a co-editor of the Wapiti Weekly, he also is a co-student body president, and a proctor. He enjoys cooking, watching movies and tv shows, but most importantly, he loves Beyonce.


Abbie Giles 

Abbie is a Junior from Jaffrey, NH. It is her first year writing for the Wapiti Weekly and she enjoys playing softball, hanging with friends, and listening to music 


Bradley Bigelow


Bradley is a senior, day student, and it is his second year writing for the Wapiti Weekly. His favorite subjects are history and politics. Brad enjoys hiking, fishing and just about anything else outdoors.

Anthony Agnelli

Anthony Agnelli is a four year senior who began writing for Wapiti Weekly last year. He is from Gardner, Massachusetts and is a day student.  In his free time, Anthony enjoys hiking, fishing, theatre, and photography.


Brinkley Blum

Brinkley is a puck-shooting, patriarchy-smashing, pop culture-referencing writer for the Wapiti Weekly. A firm believer that the pen is mightier than the sword, she prefers to draw ink rather than blood. She weaponizes it through the stories she writes.


Austin Gatlin


Hi i’m Austin. I am a sophomore from Houston, Texas. I enjoy playing hockey, hiking, traveling, and being with friends. My favorite music genre is classic rock, my favorite food is pizza and pasta, and I have an addiction to chocolate milk.

Isabel Wade

Isabel is a new sophomore at The Winchendon School from Everett, Ma, and this is her first year doing the Wapiti Weekly. When she isn’t in classes or writing for the newspaper, Isabel is playing basketball, running cross country, reading, singing, or playing with her two dogs! 


Jonathan Roman

Jonathan is from Marblehead, Massachusetts, and this is his second year as a writer for the Wapiti Weekly. Something interesting about him is that he can draw a map of the world out of memory!


Jeremy Oneil

Jeremy is a senior attending The Winchendon School for his second year. He is from Meredith, NH. In his free time he enjoy soccer, skiing and skating. 


Julia Brennan

Julia is a sophomore from Gardner, MA. This is her second year writing about sports news on campus! In her free time, she enjoys playing hockey, soccer, and lacrosse, and taking part in local theater, 


Lauren Donovan


Lauren Donovan is a senior from Gardner, MA, and she has been a part of Wapiti Weekly since it’s first year. Her hobbies include singing, gardening, and writing. 

Teagan Harbour

Teagan is a sophomore from Ringe, NH, and has been a part of The Wapiti Weekly since the first year. Her hobbies include baking, swimming, tennis and hanging out with friends and family. 


Mr. Church 

Mr. Church is in his third year at The Winchendon School, and his second year as the faculty advisor for Wapiti Weekly. He teaches European history and Cases in Globalization. In his free time, Mr. Church enjoys playing the bass guitar and watching sports.


Ms. Murphy 

Ms. Murphy is in her first year at The Winchendon School and she teaches chemistry, coaches hockey, and is a dorm parent in West Wing. Her favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor is Phish Food and she loves most songs by artist Ava Max.