British Broadcasting Channel has been banned in China

Jonathan Roman

February 12, 2021

On Thursday, China’s broadcasting regulator China Global Television Network (CGTN) announced the ban of BBC World News.

Recently, China has criticized the news source in its reporting on the coronavirus, Hong Kong, and Taiwan’s independence. BBC has shown China very harshly after China enacted a security law in Hong Kong. Moreover, BBC also has been critical of Beijing’s response initial response to the Coronavirus. BBC has been very critical of China’s policies with Taiwan over its unification policy. However, most currently, BBC released a story on the systemic torture of the Uygur people, Turkic-speaking Muslims in Xinjiang providence of North-Western China. BBC has claimed that they are “disappointed” in Beijing’s decision to prohibit them from broadcasting. This censorship is part of a long line of a tit-for-tat with the rest of the world media as China has expelled other news reporters from other countries. Recently, BBC has released an elaborate story along with interviews of Uygur people that they have been systematically tortured in China’s “re-education camps”. BBC said in a statement about their ban that 'We are disappointed that the Chinese authorities have decided to take this course of action. The BBC is the world's most trusted international news broadcaster and reports on stories from around the world fairly, impartially and without fear or favour." (BBC News). British Secretary of State Dominic Rabb said in a tweet: “China’s decision to ban BBC World News in mainland China is an unacceptable curtailing of media freedom. China has some of the most severe restrictions on media & internet freedoms across the globe, & this latest step will only damage China’s reputation in the eyes of the world” (Twitter). It is unlikely that BBC will be broadcasted for a while in China as CGTN has rejected its application to broadcast it again.