Missing Indonesian Submarine Declared Sunk

Austin Gatlin

April 27, 2021

The Indonesian submarine that went missing during a training exercise off the shore of Bali, Indonesia has been declared sunk. Evidence has been found and all 53 members aboard the sub have been pronounced dead.

Last Wednesday an Idoneasian Submarine went missing off the shore of Bali, Indonesia and has now officially been pronounced sunk. The sub was found split into three pieces. Onboard were 53 sailors and crew members who have all been pronounced dead as well. The KRI Nanggala-402 lost contact during a training exercise on Wednesday. The crew had reportedly asked permission to dive for the test and then all contact was lost. The sub being pronounced sank came as the Indonesian military began to find debris and materials from the sub and then matched it to the submarine. The announcement also came after the said survival time had passed and oxygen had presumably run out. Remains of the ship have been found at 2,800 feet deep which is also too deep for the sub to be operating. Oil has also been found near the subs found location. The remains, however, do show cracks in the debris which indicates that the sinking was not caused by an explosion. "Cracks, so it is not an explosion. If there is an explosion, it must have destroyed everything,” said the chief of staff of the Indonesian Navy, Admiral Yudo Margono. The ship is 44 years old but underwent upgrades and repairs in 2012. Still, the ship's age could have had an impact on whatever caused the ship to go missing and sink. Since the ships disappearing numerous countries have sent aid to and helped the Indonesian military look for the sub. The United States, Australia, Singapore, India, and Malaysia all helped in the location of the sub.