Second COVID Wave in India

Teagan Harbour

April 27, 2021

With India's COVID death toll spiking, hospitals are frantically aiding their numerous patients, and the country has turned to chaos once again.

Since the rough year of 2020, COVID has hit every country and affected almost everyone mentally or physically. Unfortunately, in the week of April 26th, the second wave of the virus has struck India greatly. The growth in infected numbers has influxed to reach 300,000 positive cases a day. These record breaking statistics are testing hospitals and putting their supplies to the max. Though the situation is taking place in India, adjacent and generous countries have pitched in to supply oxygen which has been a shortage. Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, met with the United States’ president Joe Biden to discuss contributions. Both officials have agreed to stick together and spare any resources they possess. With this, Biden has claimed to have exported resources such as vaccines, rapid tests, and oxygen kits to India. Additionally, the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, has donated ventilators and masks just like the United States. India, which is underwater, has felt the support of its allies and is powering through similar to everyone else. With the countries receiving a glimpse at India, it sprouts compassion and donations.

Alongside the increase of people in hospitals, there has also been an increase in people trying to be cremated. The cremation process has been held up and makeshift funerals are starting up. The traditional Hindu process of releasing the soul out of the body through rituals is being skipped. Sadly, funeral locations are reporting that they are cremating just under 100 people a day. A funeral official, Mamtesh Shamar, has reported, “We are burning bodies as they arrive''. Shamar also adds, “It is as if we are in the middle of war”. Overall, comparing this lethal virus to war is appropriate. It is safe to say that the world has been in multiple battles in the COVID war as the number of global deaths approaches 150 million.