The Hazardous Blackouts in Texas

Teagan Harbour

February 25, 2021

On February 16th, a disastrous snowstorm fell over Texas sending Texans into an ongoing power blackout. Civilians are freezing in some of their cold front conditions, and they hope to have the power equipment operating as soon as possible.

Since mid February, many Texans have been at a loss when it comes to electricity. Almost three million people have lost all power in Texas since the storm. With 29 million people in the state, a good portion have been attempting to stay comfortable during the winter. One main reason for the power loss is the Electric Reliability Council of Texas or ECROT, which failed with 90% of Texans that are powered through them. 40% of the generators have failed, but luckily 60% are still running. This company runs on supply and demand, which means they buy how much they need. Unfortunately, the company was not fully stocked with the energy that people needed. ECROT was aware of the numbers the storm would require, yet the storm was too massive and energy prices jumped in the market. Additionally, people and organizations adjacent to struggling Texas have offered aid.
Neighbors have been donating food and especially linens to the affected people in hopes to keep them warm. Other ways that have helped are hosting heating centers. Local places like schools, churches, or pet-friendly buildings allow some to stay a few nights. The news also suggests that if you know a person in need, think about loaning them blankets or showers since some have no access to water. Now knowing how the power failed and how to help, when is the power expected to be restored? ECROT tells reporters that the power is set to be restored as soon as the temperatures increase. Once wires and lines defrost, 40% of the power lost will return. Moreover, Texans are wishing for brighter days to follow and a warmer winter season.