• Isabel Wade

Black History Museum Photos

This past Sunday, WACA hosted a Black History Museum in Rhoads to close off Black History Month. Additionally, teachers, parents, and students offered artifacts to display for the museum.

Here is a snippet of the plethora of items Mr. Jobe offered for the museum. (Left to right: Broom, camel statue, North African camel saddle, incense pot, broom).

Scholars from Mrs. Donovan’s poetry class read poems written by Black poets, coupled with some additional historical information on the themes and history of the piece they chose.

Ms. Jordan offered to create her delicious mocktails for people who visited the museum.

Students play a “Guess Who?” trivia game of famous Black leaders curated by Ms. Jordan’s class.

Co-Student Representatives of WACA and faculty pose together Sunday afternoon after five hours of busy set-up. (Left to right: Ms. Velasco, Isabel Wade, Chloe Fruschell, Ms. Reid).

Mrs. Burton was generous enough to make her empanadas as a tasty bite for the museum.