• Brinkley Blum

ColLABs ‘22: Elevate Your Life With the Friedmans in Utah

After spending 9 months of my life, 3 of which took place during the doldrums of the pandemic’s early days, in the state of Utah, I swore to myself that I’d only return for skiing or Sundance. However, with a ColLAB that delves into the magnificent history (both natural and anthropological) of the Beehive State, Dr. and Mrs. Friedman have me tempted to make the trek out West once more. Seize this opportunity with Utah: Life Elevated.

Initially inhabited by the Anasazi, Navajo, and Ute tribes (the latter of whom the state adapted their name after), Utah was colonized in the mid-19th century by an intrepid contingent of Mormons, seeking refuge from persecution farther east. The Salt Lake Valley became that haven, with Utah becoming one of the final states to enter the union. Under Dr. Friedman’s historical eye, the lucky students who embark on this pilgrimage (albeit through much more modern means than Brigham Young and his coalition of Mormons) will interpret these origins, and contextualize them with regards to what the state has become today.

GREAT INDEED: The Great Salt Lake, which Utah’s capital city is named for, is the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. (Image Source: Sky News)

Housing 5 national parks, Utah’s geographical landscape is nothing short of breathtaking. There is just as much historical lore chronicled within the crags of Bryce Canyon as there is within bygone memories, which is where Mrs. Friedman’s scientific expertise comes into play. Delving into the natural history of the state, students will leave their imprint on these majestic landmarks, ancient history coalescing on their modern footprint.

Take a dip in the Great Salt Lake -- but be warned: you will leave the water with crystals of salt staining your knees (trust me, I speak from experience). Tour Temple Square, the beating heart of Mormon culture with a stronger pulse than ever. Through this immersive voyage, Dr. and Mrs. Friedman will promise their traveling companions this: as their knowledge elevates, so will their lives.