Russian Opposition Leader Recovering After Near Fatal Poisoning

Author: Bradley Bigelow  

Posted September 25th, 2020


     Alexei Navalny, a Russian political activist and staunch opponent of President Vladimir Putin, claimed last saturday that he is recovering from what appears to be an attempted poisoning. On August 20th, Navalny was on a flight to Moscow when he started to feel ill. He went to the hospital and was later transferred to Germany, where a military lab found Novichok (a common nerve-agent poison which was famously used by the USSR) in Navalny’s system. This same poison was claimed by the UK to be the cause of death of a former spy and his daughter just recently in 2018.


    Navalny is an open critic of Pres. Putin and his party. In attempts to beat Putin at the ballot box, Russian officials barred him from running, citing an embezzlement charge. Navalny is also an anti-corruption activist, leading protests against the current Kremlin admin. and even being imprisoned for such protests. 


      In an instagram post last saturday, Navalny described his recovery. “Now I’m a guy whose legs are shaking when he walks up the stairs, but he thinks: ‘Oh, this is a staircase! They go up it. Perhaps we should look for an elevator,’” he expressed ”And before, I would have just stood there and stared.” The Kremlin claims that the hospital and lab Navalny was first located at (the siberian town of Omsk) denied signs of poisoning, and called on Germany to provide evidence of such. Navalny’s associates removed evidence from his hotel room in Tomsk fearing Russian officials would not conduct a proper investigation into the case. These items were brought to Germany. Regardless, Alexei Navalny has made progress on the long road of recovery.

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