Connor McGregor Out of Third Retirement

Bella Johnson

January 30, 2021

MMA Fighter Connor McGregor enters the ring again after coming out his third retirement. He hopes to have an even better go around than ever before.

Conor McGregor is finally back from his third retirement! He is a mixed martial artist who is currently signed with the ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). As well, he is a skilled professional boxer, he has achieved most of his victories due to the knockouts or the technical knockouts. Before this, McGregor has retired three times in his life, each being due to different priorities. His first retirement was on April 19, 2016. He decided not to travel to the United States for media events which would be surrounding his rematch with Nate Diaz. He tweeted “I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch ya’s later” That retirement only lasted 46 days. His second retirement was on March 25, 2019, he retired five months after he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. He tweeted saying “Hey guys quick announcement, I’ve decided to retire from the sport formally known as ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ today. I wish all my old colleagues well going forward in the competition. I now join my former partners on this venture, already in retirement. Proper pina coladas on me fellas!” That only lasted 9 days. His most recent retirement was on June 6, 2020, it was caused by money issues from the pandemic. Once again, he tweeted “Hey guys I’ve decided to retire from fighting. Thank you all for the amazing memories! What a ride it’s been! Pick the home of your dreams Mags I love you! Whatever you desire it's yours!” That was the longest retirement he has taken, he is now back in action with his first fight on January 23rd, 2021. McGregor was being interviewed about coming back and he mentioned “Mad as a brush. I've been through it all. It's been a wild ride for me. It's not been easy at times. What a life I tell you. I wouldn't want it to be any other way, I'm very excited to be back here. I'm very excited to have fans in here. I feel invigorated. I'm going to paint a beautiful picture inside this Octagon on Saturday night and I’m very excited to do so”