Super League Causes Super Mess

Julia Brennan

April 21, 2021

The dream of creating a European “Super League” has collapsed into shambles less than two days after the founding clubs publicized the idea.

The idea of this special league has been in the works for quite some time now, but unfortunately for its creators, the fans of the involved clubs erupted in sheer outrage, consequently causing many of the clubs to back out. But why? The Super League seems like the optimal avenue for European soccer to take. The initial plan was to include twenty of the most talented and well-known soccer teams across the continent. This league would include more fierce competition, more popular stars, and most importantly, more revenue from these devoted fanbases. Both the UEFA and FIFA have clapped back at this idea. This premonition, though, would have destroyed all of the national and regional leagues in Europe. By taking away all of the “best”, most-watched, profitable teams, the majority of soccer fans in Europe would naturally gravitate towards serving as the audience solely for this league. As the viewing population shifts, so would the money. This would cause players and coaches in other leagues to try to defect from their teams in order to become a part of this elite group of teams. Ultimately, this would lead to the collapse of all modern soccer leagues in Europe that have been running successfully for quite a long time, leaving only these twenty teams as the pinnacle of European soccer. This would consolidate all of the success and fortune culminated by this league into the ownership of a very small number of people. Furthermore, a tournament like this has already been established in the form of the Champions League that occurs yearly. In this format, the top teams of each league compete against each other for the title of the continent’s best team. This format allows teams to improve over time and make their way into the championship. Luckily for the world of soccer, the idea of a Super League was shot down by soccer federations, players, coaches and fans around the world in just a matter of hours. Sparked by Manchester City’s public withdrawal early on Tuesday, the other 5 teams from the Premier League rescinded the offer to play in such a fashion. Three other teams followed suit, leaving the league with only three teams remaining. For now, the love of the game has prevailed, and the regular leagues will continue to go on as planned!