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National Honors Society’s Upcoming Fundraisers and Events!

The National Honors Society has scheduled many fun activities to raise money for charities and to get students involved! Keep reading to find out the events and focuses Anthony Agnelli ‘21 is leading!

12 Q&A w/ Danny DePina '21

Today, we will be interviewing Danny DePina ‘21, a four year senior here at The Winchendon School! We talk about questions regarding his best times here to what to do in fun scenarios.

Winter Carnival!

It's that time of year again! The winter carnival is coming up on Saturday, February 13th! The Student Government will be hosting fun outdoor games for boarders and day students.

Juniors and Our Futures

It is almost unimaginable to me that next year I'll be a senior and then the following, I'll once again be a freshman, aimlessly wandering the halls of the complex world that will be college. I mean the whole point of going to a prep school is to prepare me for college, so why does it feel like I'll be thrown right into the deep end the second college comes around?

10 Q&A with Co-President Lauren Donovan ‘21

Today, Wapiti Weekly sits down with Student Body Co-President, Lauren Donovan ‘21 to discuss everything from Student Government to hobbies to tea.

Celebrating Lunar New Year!

With Lunar New Year coming up, The Winchendon School is getting creative with how we as a community can celebrate this holiday during the time of COVID-19. Read more to find out how the community is setting things up for all to enjoy!

Student of The Week: Sam

This week we are emphasizing Sam O’Toole’s ‘22 contribution to the boy’s varsity basketball team, and his friendly attitude around campus!

Student of the Week: Lizie Emerson

Each week we highlight a student at The Winchendon School- their achievements, their hobbies, their academic interests, and what inspires them. This week we are highlighting Lizzie Emerson, because of her dedication to her teammates, friends, and the girls in her dorm!

New Year’s Resolutions!

After a crazy and long year, New Year's resolutions help us to achieve a goal and start out 2021 right. In this article, students at The Winchendon School share their New Year's resolutions while ringing in a new beginning.

Meet Your Student Government!

Meet The Winchendon School's 2020 Student Government

What is WACA?

The Winchendon School is a community made up of people from all walks of life; we hail from all corners of the world. Our diverse student population, therefore, requires representation and guidance from those who have previously been a part of the student community here at The Winchendon School.

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