Celebrating Lunar New Year!

Julia Brennan

January 30, 2021

With Lunar New Year coming up, The Winchendon School is getting creative with how we as a community can celebrate this holiday during the time of COVID-19. Read more to find out how the community is setting things up for all to enjoy!

As we all know, activities and celebrations this year have had to look a lot different in regards to the ongoing pandemic, COVID-19. While we’ve unfortunately had to miss our beloved pastimes like sports competitions, dorm hangouts and more, we’ve done all we can to make the best of things. With strict safety protocols in place to combat the spread of the coronavirus, our celebration of Lunar New Year won’t be the same as it has been in the past, with a formal dinner dedicated to the holiday...but that doesn’t mean that this year won’t be just as good. Student Government and Residential Life have teamed up to create an exciting, yet safe, Lunar New Year Celebration. The festivities will begin on February 11th, with traditional Lunar New Year dinner put on by Sage. All your favorite dishes from formal dinner will be available to you except now you can eat them from the comfort of your favorite sweatpants! Later on in the evening, Residential Life has planned a variety of fun activities for you and your dorm. More information regarding these activities will be announced soon! Then, on February 12th, Lunar New Year, the festivities will continue! During the day many activities have been planned, including a countdown to midnight in China. Along with your classmates, you will be able to watch a live feed from the celebrations happening all over the world, and have the chance to ring in the new year together! After that, a noodle-bowl lunch will be served and you will have the opportunity to view a slideshow from festivities past while listening to our Lunar New Year playlist! With that, the celebration will come to a close, and you can take a serene walk through the path of lanterns that will be set along the sidewalk. Have a wonderful Lunar New Year and don’t forget to wear red for good luck!