National Honors Society’s Upcoming Fundraisers and Events!

Teagan Harbour

February 18, 2021

The National Honors Society has scheduled many fun activities to raise money for charities and to get students involved! Keep reading to find out the events and focuses Anthony Agnelli ‘21 is leading!

The main priorities of the National Honors Society Group this year are to fundraise, become pen pals with the elderly, and start tutoring the underclassmen. These three goals have been panning out exceptionally well, and they are thrilled to be in contact with our community, even in the midst of the pandemic. Firstly, the student members have begun writing letters to their pen pals from the Winchendon senior centers! The students have been handwriting letters themselves and are sending them to the Broadview Nursing Home and the Old Murdock Senior Center. During this time, the group is sure the seniors would love to talk to someone outside of their homes. Secondly, another helpful event the team has set up is underclassmen tutoring! The freshman and sophomore students can receive help from one of the honor society members in one of their classes. The president of The National Honors Society, Anthony Agnelli ‘21, states, “We have a few students in the program now and the sessions have been going great! Next year, we hope to expand this program to upperclassmen as well”. To do this, a form has been sent out to the student body asking what classes they struggle in, and you will get set you up with someone who can help! With this, the students have also extended their tutoring help to Murdock High so that they can sign up as well. With their thrilling amount of assistance, the National Honors Society is also working on hosting fundraising events.
The students have been brainstorming ideas for our school to participate in, and a few ideas have been pitched by the students. Some ideas include Xbox tournaments, raffles on gift baskets, and games of knockout in the gym! The reward of these games is the winner can donate the entry fees to the charity of their choice! Furthermore, the organization has even brought back Dunkin Runs! Last year trips to Dunkin in the morning were a hit, and they have brought it back which started February 11th. Greater events are in the works, and NHS will continue to update us on their wonderful ideas!