New Year’s Resolutions!

Teagan Harbour

January 20, 2021

After a crazy and long year, New Year's resolutions help us to achieve a goal and start out 2021 right. In this article, students at The Winchendon School share their New Year's resolutions while ringing in a new beginning.

A New Year's resolution is an achievement you commit to for improving life in the next year. Looking back on 2020, what personally do you want to change about it? What do you wish could have gone better?
Patira Salimi ‘21, was asked about what her priorities are and what she learned throughout the year. Patira states, “Quarantine made me focus on myself and my mental health, and it helped a lot to realize what life is really about”. She also adds, “Life is really about enjoying the little things and appertaining to people that I truly love and care about.” With an excessive amount of time on our hands in the past year, some developed new hobbies or grew closer to friends and family as Patira did!
Additionally, Isabella Johnson ‘23 is also focusing on family and friends. When asked what she is hoping to do this year, Isabella states, “Spend more time with family and friends, and be more active.” Further, Matthew Clute ‘23, also desires to get outside and start exercising more. When asked about his plans for the upcoming year, he states, “Taking things one step at a time and getting outside more!” After many long days on Zoom, we tend to stay on our laptops all day, yet it is best if we get some fresh air outside!
Attempting to think optimistically has been a struggle for some in the past few months. Zoe Tow ‘22 exclaims, “My New Year’s resolution would be to stay more positive. Considering all that happened in 2020 for everyone, it took a toll on everyone mentally. To stay positive will be mine.” This is a great way of thinking, and to remember others are going through rough times well. Overall, 2020 was a wild year and thankfully it has passed, and we should all look forward to what 2021 has in store!