Q & A with Aliquea (Titi) Williams ‘21!

Teagan Harbour

April 20, 2021

In this interview with Titi Williams ‘21, we develop insight revolving around Titi’s experiences at The Winchendon School, and some of her hobbies and favorite interests!

TH: As a senior, what are you looking forward to doing after high school?
TW: I am really excited to continue my athletic career playing lacrosse and volleyball in college.

TH: What has been your favorite class/ColLAB in the past?
TW: My favorite ColLAB was definitely adolescent addiction. It really showed me how drugs can take over your life and how it’s as easy as picking up that first drink to get hooked.

TH: What is your favorite Winchendon tradition and why?
TW: A favorite Winchendon tradition of mine is hanging around the campfire!

TH: Do you resonate with any of The Winchendon School’s great eight?
TW: I definitely resonate with being resilient, and I feel that Winchendon definitely made me more resilient. Coming to The Winchendon School as a sophomore with zero organization skills, I really struggled. I am now a senior, and I definitely learned how to handle myself and my work.

TH: Are you prepared for the real world?
TW: I don’t know if I’m ready for the real world, but I know that I am better prepared than I once was.

TH: Do you have any hobbies/free time activities you like to do?
TW: Even though I am not the greatest at it, I definitely do love to draw in my free time.

TH: What do you see your future as?
TW: As of now, I am lost as anyone else. I’m excited for the future and to see what I’m doing because I have no idea.

TH: If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?
TW: The three foods would definitely have to be sushi, grilled chicken caesar salad, and Jamaican food, of course.

TH: If you were to move anywhere regardless of the cost, where would it be?
TW: I really enjoy living in Hawaii!

TH: If you had a million dollars, what would you buy and why?
TW: I would probably buy a house. I don’t think I’d spend the whole million, but a house is definitely one of your bigger investments.

TH: What is your favorite memory from high school?
TW: I have a lot of good memories from high school, but one that stands out is when I first saw one of the players on the volleyball team my sophomore year. I thought she looked so cool.

TH: Lastly, what is your favorite animal and why?
TW: Definitely an elephant. I heard that elephants think humans are cute. After hearing that I couldn’t help but be obsessed with them!