Spring Musical: Now. Here. This. Premieres Next Week!

Anthony Agneli

May 7, 2021

As graduation approaches and spring is in full swing, you know what time it is… the spring musical! This year, the Winchendon School performing arts department presents Now. Here. This.!

In spite of the pandemic, The Winchendon School performing arts was able to produce its annual spring musical this year! This year’s production is called “Now. Here. This”, and it is a musical about learning to be your truest self, living your life how you decide to live it, and finding happiness and fulfillment in your own time and without anyone else’s input. This show tackles themes of the ephemerality of one’s existence, the struggles of finding your place in the world, and gratitude for existence.

Starring Lauren Donovan ‘21, Amelia Johnson ‘21, Yamuna Turco ‘21, Sarah Irenshtain ‘22, Sofia Rodriguez-Anton ‘22, Brinkley Blum ‘22, and Julia Brennan ‘23, it is filled with fun songs and deep reflection. This musical was recorded in Trustees Hall by the wonderful stage crew: Parker Weber ‘23, Jack Pirone ‘21, Jack Conners ‘23, and Anthony Agnelli ‘21. The head director, Ms. Parker, musical director, Ms. Honorof, and technical director, Mr. Tran, have put so much work into producing this awesome musical and everyone involved cannot wait for everyone to see it.

“Now. Here. This.” will be airing on Youtube Friday, May 14, Saturday, May 15, and Sunday, May 16. The admission is free, however the show will only remain on Youtube on those dates. In order to have access to the show, you must purchase a free virtual ticket at https://winchendon.org/now-hear-this/ . You will receive an email with the link as your virtual ticket before the show and you can use that link to access the show.