Student of The Week: Sam

Teagan Harbour

January 27, 2021

This week we are emphasizing Sam O’Toole’s ‘22 contribution to the boy’s varsity basketball team, and his friendly attitude around campus!

As an active member of our community, Sam O’Toole ‘22 is to be commended for his hard work on the basketball court and friendly face around school. Sam, a day student, has been attending the school since sophomore year, and he is now a successful junior. Over the past two years, he has enjoyed playing basketball for our school's team. When asked why he plays the sport, he comments, “I love getting out there and working hard with the guys every day.” His tenacity and grit towards the game are honorable and his peers admire these qualities about him. He excels on the court daily, and he is a role model for upcoming basketball players. When not at practice or in class, Sam appreciates hanging out with some of his close friends, Chase Berg ‘21, Mike Feroci ‘22, Grace Holman ‘21, and Maggie Cunningham ‘21. In the classroom, his favorite subject is history, and he remarks that professor Bell is “goated”. Additionally, Sam was asked what a nice aspect of the school is, and he remarks, “My favorite part about The Winchendon School is being able to be friendly with everyone around campus.” At a school like this, he is happy to be a part of such a welcoming place. Overall, Sam looks forward to playing more basketball and enjoying his class within his last two years at The Winchendon School. We thank Sam O’Toole ‘22 for his benefits to our basketball team and admire his strong dedication.