The Meaning Behind DEIJ Week!

Teagan Harbour

April 25, 2021

Through the week of April 19th, The Winchendon School has planned events surrounding the idea of overcoming social struggles and indifferences. This article provides insight on the purpose of DEIJ week and the acronyms' meaning.

Though everyone should be aware of prejudices and stereotypes they may unintentionally hold, this week specializes in abolishing the previous stereotypical ideas and becoming more unified as a community. As the week is maneuvered, keeping in mind the main points for DEIJ week is suggested. The words, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice are the backbones for the week. Starting with diversity, the United States is considered a melting pot for being home to many ethnicities in unison. The fusion of cultural backgrounds come together to create the country. With this, differences in ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation exemplify the uniqueness of who everyone is. These words should encourage each other to embrace their own diversity. Additionally, equity is the action of providing someone or something with the resources they need to succeed or get by. Though it may present to be similar with equality, the two words are very different. Inequality is the act of providing everyone with the same resources no matter what, while equity is giving a distinguished amount of product to certain people who need it more. Thirdly, inclusion is the act of including others in a process or activity. On Monday, during DEIJ week, the cultural Olympics took place to resemble our communities unity and ability to compete together. The service-learning leaders led inclusive games for the campus to enjoy! Inclusion is fundamental for societies and The Winchendon School to run since diversity is present in every person's different backgrounds. Lastly, justice is providing the right treatment or consequences in a situation. Both justice and inclusion go hand and hand with each other. Providing people with the same respect or ramifications is important in this world full of discrimination. It is vital to treat everyone with the same regards especially in the tension-filled world that is being exposed. When navigating through the week, think about how these words are executed in your life. Do you treat people equitably?