Winter Carnival!

Teagan Harbour

February 12, 2021

It's that time of year again! The winter carnival is coming up on Saturday, February 13th! The Student Government will be hosting fun outdoor games for boarders and day students.

Julia Brenna ‘23, a sophomore representative, is excited to host the winter carnival with the other student body members! She states, “Come on Saturday and join us at the winter carnival for winter-filled fun! Compete with your dorm friends for a brand new Keurig coffee maker”. This year, the student government team has been planning some fun outdoor games to safely play! From 12:00 PM-3:00 PM, games like relay races and obstacle courses will take place. Unlike last year, the games will be COVID friendly and held outside instead of in the gym. Come cheer on your peers and have fun dominating in the games!
Last year, games like cup pong and capture the flag were played, but this year the student government has switched it up. With the games being outside, the snow has interfered. It is planned that snowball fights and making snow sculptures will also happen! To explain, the students will be split up by dorms or a day student group. These groups will play as a team and compete together. Most importantly, there is a prize for the winning group! A Keurig coffee maker will be rewarded to the winning team. The coffee maker will be put in the students dorm or the student center. This yearly event is not mandatory for students, but it is definitely enjoyable if you choose to go! Day students are also welcome to return back to campus to attend Saturday! Hope to see you there!