Winter Theater Showcase: “In a Nutshell” Premieres on Youtube

Anthony Agnelli

April 11, 2021

Synopsis: Last Friday, April 2, The Winchendon School Youtube premiered the filmed-from-home Winter Showcase, “In a Nutshell”. Students wrote, cast, and directed their own short plays and acted in each others’ productions. This article gives a brief introduction to each of the six productions, which will hopefully entice you to watch the full showcase…

For the past two months, six students have been writing, casting, and directing their own five-to-ten-minute plays. While also acting in their peers’ productions as well, they were able to experience the full process of putting together a theatrical performance. Students crafted witty scenarios, dramas with a plot twist, heartfelt rom-coms, and darkly reimagined classics. Below are some short introductions to give you a taste of these stories, hopefully leaving you wanting to watch the full production, linked at the end of this article.

Problems In Olympus: This comedy, written and directed by Jack Conners ‘23, features Greek goddesses, Athena and Aphrodite, portrayed by Yamuna Turco ‘21 and Brinkley Blum ‘22 respectively. However, this play features them in less-than-goddess-like circumstances, engaged in quite the argument. Little do they know, there are outside forces at play. (Problems in Olympus begins at timestamp 0:16)

From an Awkward Distance: From An Awkward Distance was written and directed by Yamuna Turco. It features two employees of an online correspondence company, played by Brinkley Blum ‘22 and Morgan Famous ‘24, who try their hand at having an online pen pal. When things start moving a bit too fast, the two begin to get anxious. (From an Awkward Distance begins at timestamp 5:19)

Alice’s Prognosis: In this drama written and directed by Brinkley Blum ‘22, a girl named Alice, portrayed by Samantha West ‘23, is sent to an insane asylum and regales her nurse, played by Morgan Famous ‘24, of her adventures in a wondrous and surreal world, and her subsequent registration into the asylum by a man named Charles Dodgson, with a quite well known-pen name. (Alice’s Prognosis begins at timestamp 11:14)

The Fence Post: The Fence Post was written and directed by Morgan Famous ‘24. It tells the story of two neighbors, Angie and Matthew, played by Samantha West ‘23 and Anthony Agnelli ‘21), chatting over a cup of coffee… and a massive elephant in the room. When Angie learns of Matthew’s unique ability, she realizes that she has gotten herself more than she bargained for by inviting him in. Filled with magical realism and suspense, it will keep you on the edge of your seat. (The Fence Post begins at timestamp 20:34)

Ballet Dads: Ballet Dads, written and directed by ballet extraordinaire, Samantha West ‘23, features fathers of ballet dancers, played by Anthony Agnelli ‘21 and Jack Conners ‘23, attempting to participate in a “Bring Your Dad To Dance Day”, quite poorly I might add. Even as they fail miserably, they still attempt to outdo each other and gain some sense of accomplishment. (Ballet Dads begins at timestamp 25:57)

Stuck With You: Written and directed by Anthony Agnelli ‘21, Stuck With You is the tale of Ruby, played by Yamuna Turco ‘21, and Jamie, played by Jack Conners ‘23, two young people from two different worlds, who meet under chance circumstances, seated together as single riders on a stuck ferris wheel. What begins as a friendly, and quite awkward, exchange slowly becomes something more. Stuck With You also features a cameo from our good friend, Mr. Pete Blais! (Stuck With You begins at timestamp 31:37)

If any of these plays strike your fancy, check out the full performances here: